Wholesale and Bulk Foods

Stock Up and Save

Stock up and start saving money with wholesale, bulk foods and grocery items. Buying in bulk carries loads of environmental benefits, from ditching food packaging to directly controlling portion size.

Wholesale price savings are available for all customers. This includes restaurants, care facilities, schools and more. At least a 24 hour advance order request is required depending on product. To order, call us at (925) 945-1585 or simply stop by the store.

Why Shop in Bulk?

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean you have to buy large quantities. Buying in bulk allows shoppers to make smarter decisions, by purchasing the exact amount of foods they need. In fact, it is often the best option for buying smaller quantities of some products than the packaged versions. As more of us are watching our budgets – buying in bulk has become a popular option for shoppers to save money and not pay for individual packaging, labeling and advertising. It also help reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and take less energy and other resources to produce.

Key Benefits:

  • Bins are fresh and replenished often
  • Buy as little or as much as you need
  • Significantly reduces the amount of food waste
  • Less wasteful packaging and better for the environment
  • Many bulk offerings are locally and organically grown
  • You save money because you’re not paying for the fancy labels

What Can I Buy in Bulk?

We offer a wide variety off bulk fruits, vegetables, rice, grains, pasta, flours, beans, trail mixes, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and more. And enjoy bulk snacks and treats as well.

How to Shop in Bulk?

  1. Fill the bag or container (we provide these) with the amount you want.
  2. Write down the number you see on the bin on the provided twist tie
  3. Twist it on the back or place on the container
  4. When finished shopping, check out and the cashier will weigh and price your purchases.